Since 1935, our family has been dedicated to raising and dressing all-natural poultry for the local community. The 80-acre farm is equipped with coops that house roughly 25,000 chickens and 1,200 turkeys. The poultry's diet includes soy, corn and alfalfa meal-- free of any hormones or additives. From grandfathers to grandchildren, fourth-generation Baffoni's are now taking part with the farm's production. 

      The consciousness for buying local produce and goods started in the new millennium and boosted the demand for locally raised, cage-free chicken. Soon, more and more people began to understand that their health, environment, and local economy, all benefit from the consumption of local produce. In order to join these conscientious efforts and to cater to the growing number of local farm supporters, Baffoni's established a business strategy that allowed expansion. An opportunity soon arose with a federally funded organization called Farm Fresh Rhode Island, which established farmers markets along with connecting local produce and meat producers with a large restaurant market in the Rhode Island area.

Currently, Baffoni's Poultry Farm has accounts with many restaurants and participates in several farmers markets across the state. All the while, Baffoni's was awarded Rhode Island's first and only USDA certification for an on-site poultry slaughterhouse in 2014. We are proud and honored that our diligent efforts to bring quality poultry from our farm to your table has been recognized.

Why choose Baffoni's ?

​        As a family owned and operated business, we firmly believe in the environmental and economic benefits of providing farm fresh poultry to the local community. We also believe in the humane treatment of our birds, and work hard to provide them with a nourishing habitat in which they can thrive. When the birds are a day old, we have them securely and safely shipped from a hatchery to our farm. We do this to ensure the birds are raised in an environment that meets our high standards. We feed our poultry a wholesome diet that is regimented, consistent, and absolutely free of any antibiotics, hormones, or meat by-products of any kind. Our on-site slaughterhouse allows us to sell, quite literally, the freshest poultry possible without it ever being previously frozen. Our high standards and farm-to-table mentality has driven four generations of Baffoni’s to provide the finest and freshest quality cage-free poultry to loyal customers, since 1935.

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